Project Management

Real PM understands the impact an excellent Project Management team can have on the smooth running and delivery of the full range of projects from, complex to small-scale projects alike. It is at the heart of our core company values. We tailor our services depending on the requirements of your project, ranging from full project management appointments through to short term delivery driven monitoring roles. Full Project Management services from development / acquisition / concept to project completion

  • Appointment as E.A for and on behalf of our clients. The role recognises the constraints of scope, time and budget management. At RPM we administer projects in a proactive collaborative way. We recognise that a successful scheme is one where all parties move in the same direction with the same goals. We see it as our job to see you through.
  • Interim project assignments including professional team performance reviews contractor performance reporting and short-term correction management. Again, our role is to analyse and report on projects “health”. We on the positive aspects and try to make positive recommendations

Our professional and talented team guide projects with flair, drawing on many years’ experience in the industry to offer reliable and outstanding service every time.