Pre – Construction Services

Our highly experienced and approachable team assists on schemes which require high level and strategic input during the early concept stages.  The extent of our services includes

  • Programming, phasing and logistics. To support acquisitions. To underpin commercial advice on Construction Management plans. To provide pre-construction advice to support design phase.

We undertake detailed reviews of projects at all stages and produce complex network and critical path linked programmes for some of the most challenging projects in the UK and internationally . All our programmes are based on detailed quantities and outputs sourced / recorded as a result of years of practical experience.

To support this process we solve the logistical constraints of the project not just a paper exercise but supported by in depth discussions and agreements with local stakeholders and suppliers. The ability of RPM to undertake this role assist greatly with the monitoring and auditing service offer described elsewhere.

Our team can produce the full range of programmes from strategic level to fully resource and output loaded and offer the most reliable / industry leading service every time .

  • Risk awareness and identification of critical issues. These form an essential part of the Pre- Construction process and are offered to help mitigate and control potential implantation difficulties.
  • Tenant migration planning. We provide a fully integrated migration service to tenants planning to relocate into new offices. This includes detailed understanding of client’s commercial operations and translation of this into the specific operational needs. This is supported by detailed programme and phasing slides to assist in the communications to staff.
  • Landlord Liaison and monitoring. We offer a full service to landlords in respect of monitoring the performance of client appointed project teams, professional teams and contractors.
  • Procurement advice and technical evaluation on external building envelopes. Early advice on these critical elements drives effective programming and pre-construction procurement.