Construction Management Plans

As a team we appreciate the integral importance of Construction Management Plans (CMP) in obtaining Planning Approval.

These reports focus not only on the project’s programme and methodology but also on their impact on the surrounding environment & community. Any concerns are highlighted, with recommendations and mitigation measures provided.

In the preparation of a typical CMP submission, the following will be undertaken: –

  • A site visit to review local access restrictions, transport routing and to establish local receptors that require mitigation.
  • Where appropriate, engagement with Borough Council Highways Officers and other third parties including Transport for London and London Underground.
  • A detailed method/sequence of the construction process and the project lifecycle.
  • An evaluation of environmental risks with mitigation measures, covering:
  • Compliance with Borough Council Construction Guidelines
  • The development’s effects on local site ecology.
  • Waste management and opportunities for sustainable practices.
  • Registration of the Principal Contractor with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  • A contracting delivery strategy analysis, regarding site and transport logistics, to include:
  • The identification of efficiencies to improve common site facilities and co-ordination.
  • An undertaking of traffic studies and measurement of local sensitivities.
  • Mitigation of local resistance through logistics planning and engagement.
  • Preparation of a construction programme, detailing where applicable demolition and enabling works together with the overall construction periods.
    • Detailed construction vehicle loadings detailing frequency and number of construction traffic expected to visit the site across the period.
  • Logistics plans prioritising safety, of both the labour force and the public, encompassing:
  • Pedestrian and cycle safety management.
  • Site securement when no work is taking place.
  • The adoption management systems that oversee security and site logistics. In such a way that ensures the proper segregation of pedestrians and vehicles.


Our primary objectives are:

  • To ensure that a framework is agreed at the planning stage that ensures the smooth establishment of the project.
  • To submit planning authority details on behalf of our Clients, which demonstrate the project’s commitment to environmental considerations, its neighbours and community
  • To highlight the importance of
  • the safety of those people connected and/or exposed to the development, both directly and indirectly, is to the project